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Black full compression pants


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These Xfactors Premium Compression Leggings were created with rigorous performance in mind. It's made of the highest-quality Micro Polyester and Spandex, making it quick to dry and extremely comfortable to wear.

They're designed with a compressed sensation to support your every movement, as well as increase and improve your workout performance.


This Xfactors 3/4 silver Leggings are made to withstand the most severe of workouts. They're designed to have a compressed sensation to support your every movement during training, as well as to enhance and increase your performance.

Xfactor products are made with premium quality fabric that can get you through the most extreme of workout. Our bottoms are engineered to promote performance.

•Interlock bottom
•Quick dry
•Perfect fit
•Dri fit fabric
•Tapered fit
•zipper pockets